movies » July 27

Legendary Pictures falls far short of its name

by Kevin Hillman

Legendary Pictures has consistently proved to be a failure at creating compelling action stories. Nerd/Wise calls out Zack Snyder and the entire company.


comics | movies » July 25

Exclusive: Family of Batman’s uncredited co-creator speaks

by Kevin Hillman

The granddaughter of Bill Finger, Batman’s uncredited co-creator, spoke exclusively with about Finger’s legacy and the fight for recognition.


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tv » July 24

Reflecting on a Supernatural convention experience

by Charissa Jelliff

Thousands of fan*s are converging on Comic-Con this week. While we haven’t yet Fanned Out at that Mecca of Nerddom, we do have some experience with conventions.

relationships | travel » July 23

Vacationing with kids: It gets better with age

by Jennifer Ziegler

Many parents think traveling with kids will be a nightmare — and it can be. But the very young and the not-so-young can be a delight if you manage expectations.

drink » July 22

What We’re Pouring: Selections from Bell’s Brewery

by Jared Washburn

Bell’s Brewery is a pioneer in the craft beer movement. Our reviewer tastes the renowned Two Hearted Ale, Oberon Ale, and more from the Kalamazoo, Michigan-based brewer.

comics | movies » July 20

In struggle with Superman, Batman must prevail

by Kevin Hillman

Despite Superman’s immeasurable power, Batman is always a step ahead of his friend and rival. Batman’s ability to overcome shows what we need from our heroes.

drink | food » July 18

Lobster feast made better with Iberian wines

by Jared Washburn

Lobster, the king of seafood, needs the right wine to let the flavor shine through. Our reviewer looked to whites from Spain and Portugal.


tv » July 17

Don’t give up on TV during summer months

by Charissa Jelliff

Summer used to be a time for reruns and throwaway series, but networks are increasingly offering a variety of quality series. Check out Royal Pains, The Night Shift, and more.


culture | sports » July 15

Men still rule in sports, if they dominate on field or not

by Carrie Hillman

The World Cup and the Tour de France are two of the most exhilarating events in sports, but female athletes are left in the dust. Give the girls their due!

drink » July 11

Red, white, and … green wine? The Vinho Verde experience

by Bill George

Portuguese wines are often overlooked, and the heavy reds and fortified port aren’t easy entry points. Vinho Verde, literally “green wine,” is a stellar introduction.

books | movies | travel » July 10

Magic of Harry Potter endures, especially in UK

by Charissa Jelliff

The magic of Harry Potter has impacted the lives of fans all over the world, and a recent trip to the United Kingdom proved that the effect it has had on readers will never fade.

culture » July 8

Hobby Lobby decision shouldn’t surprise any woman

by Carrie Hillman

As long as women continue to be abused, at worst, and patronized, at best, anti-woman court rulings like last week’s Hobby Lobby decision are to be expected.

drink » July 8

What We’re Pouring: July 8, 2014

by Bill George

In their latest round of mini-reviews, the men of Bottled & Corked have some more Finger Lakes offerings, plus a few sparklers for those summer nights.