tv » September 18

Fall changes have potential to bring new TV faves

by Charissa Jelliff

Each fall, networks introduce a host of new TV series. This week, the author of Fanning Out shares which new shows she is looking forward to.


movies » September 14

Episode VII wouldn’t be Star Wars without VFX

by Kevin Hillman

Some perceived failings of the Star Wars prequels threaten to force overcorrection in Episode VII. The franchise should continue to revolutionize visual effects.


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tv » September 11

Favorite shows return to lineup in new fall TV season

by Charissa Jelliff

It’s time to enjoy that autumn rite of passage — and I’m not talking about a pumpkin spice latte. Let’s take a look at some returning favorites as the fall TV season kicks off.

comics | movies » September 7

Winter Soldier, set for home release, lives up to trailers

by Kevin Hillman

Trailers often set expectations for a film unattainably high. The Winter Soldier proved that Marvel can make good on the biggest of promises.

books » September 4

YA readers: Have no shame, hold books high

by Charissa Jelliff

Adults often get criticized for reading young adult fiction, but some YA novels are written better than those for adults. We shouldn’t judge people for what they read.

comics | culture | history » August 31

More than just Holocaust, Maus addresses fathers, sons

by Kevin Hillman

Our culture is full of stories about heroes with daddy issues. Maus, a Holocaust allegory, also addresses the often tenuous relationship between father and son.

tv » August 28

Capaldi shines as 12th Doctor, creates dark first impression

by Charissa Jelliff

We’ve gotten our first taste of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. A darker tone seems to be in the cards for Doctor Who — forcing an adjustment for both Clara and the fans.


tv » August 27

Outlander: Claire heals, hopes to return home

by Jennifer Ziegler

Outlander gets back on track in its third episode on Starz. Claire attracts attention, both good and ill, for her healing prowess.


tv » August 24

Depth of characters drives strong third Korra season

by Kevin Hillman

Legend of Korra’s third season has ended, again proving that it is among the best shows airing today. The reason? Strong, diverse characters.

tv » August 21

As Doctors cycle through, so do fans’ emotions

by Charissa Jelliff

Every fan of Doctor Who knows she must say goodbye to characters she has grown to love. Just because one character leaves doesn’t mean the story is over.

books | tv » August 19

Outlander deviates, predictably, to show us skin

by Jennifer Ziegler

The cross-century contrasts in behavior and dress are adapted well in Starz’s Outlander, but one big change to draw in viewers misses the mark.

history | tv » August 17

Korra draws parallels to real-world march to war

by Kevin Hillman

Legend of Korra’s social commentary made season one remarkable, and season two steps it up by exploring the reasons we fight wars.

culture | drink » August 15

Navigating tap handles: Selecting lager or ale

by Jared Washburn

Beer is divided into two camps based on how it is fermented: ale and lager. Most bar patrons don’t know the difference. But you’re not “most bar patrons,” are you?