drink » July 11

Red, white, and … green wine? The Vinho Verde experience

by Bill George

Portuguese wines are often overlooked, and the heavy reds and fortified port aren’t easy entry points. Vinho Verde, literally “green wine,” is a stellar introduction.


books | movies | travel » July 10

Magic of Harry Potter endures, especially in UK

by Charissa Jelliff

The magic of Harry Potter has impacted the lives of fans all over the world, and a recent trip to the United Kingdom proved that the effect it has had on readers will never fade.


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culture » July 8

Hobby Lobby decision shouldn’t surprise any woman

by Carrie Hillman

As long as women continue to be abused, at worst, and patronized, at best, anti-woman court rulings like last week’s Hobby Lobby decision are to be expected.

drink » July 8

What We’re Pouring: July 8, 2014

by Bill George

In their latest round of mini-reviews, the men of Bottled & Corked have some more Finger Lakes offerings, plus a few sparklers for those summer nights.

philosophy | tv » July 6

Legend of Korra showcases versatility of animation

by Kevin Hillman

Cartoons are often dismissed as fare for children, but The Legend of Korra proves that even shows targeted to kids can be profound for an adult audience.

culture | drink » July 4

Slip into relaxation with these campfire brews

by Jared Washburn

Bottled & Corked turns its attention to beer this week. Gather around your Fourth of July campfire with a few of these great summer brews.

culture | movies » July 3

Fan nostalgia endangers enjoyment of good fun

by Nick Rose

In the age of cinematic reboots and re-imaginings, some fans mistake their nostalgia as a fair judgment of quality. Different isn’t necessarily bad.


books | relationships » July 2

Why I hate The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

by Jennifer Ziegler

On the surface, The Giving Tree is a tale of unconditional love and friendship. But lurking underneath, could it be a glorification of freeloading, narcissism, and codependency?


books » June 30

Read all the things! Fantasy, humor great for summer

by Kaia Schroding

Each week, our writers are recommending books for summer. Kaia Schroding’s summer reading picks focus on fantasy and humor, with a dash of tough-love self-help.

history | language » June 30

State your name: Etymology of these United States

by Jim DuBois

We read tea leaves and check our astrological signs. Maybe the origin of your favorite state’s name also says something about you? Investigate with this handy reference guide.

culture | history » June 29

Nationalism, not just killing of Ferdinand, sparked WWI

by Kevin Hillman

Franz Ferdinand died 100 years ago, sparking a murderous war. But have things really changed in the past century? Will national pride be the downfall of humankind?

sports » June 28

WWE spotlights ladder match, pro wrestling’s spectacle

by Kevin Hillman

The ladder match evolved from a territorial gimmick to the most popular match in professional wrestling. Two ladder matches highlight Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank.

drink | travel » June 27

Finger Lakes wineries make for great weekend trip, part 2

by Bill George

The second half of Bill George’s Finger Lakes trip recap is here. Riesling is king in New York, but a recent trip drew some attention to dry roses and sauvignon blancs as well.